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CannabisMarketeer | A Cannabis Marketing Agency is an emerging global Cannabis Marketing Agency looking to work with Cannabis companies in the United States, Canada and the U.K. Cannabis Dispensaries and Growers will work with us to get their product messages across to customers and get feedback in return. 

We have access to cutting-edge story telling strategies to develop marketing messages for Cannabis brands that resonates well with their consumers. 

We also help new and emerging Cannabis companies with expanding their presence online, through website development, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing. Especially since advertising Cannabis related products and services through Google is restricted. 

We have experience designing and printing branding materials for Cannabis companies looking for an image and message that sticks better with consumers of their cannabis products.

At, our core strategy is helping Cannabis Companies to build relationship with their customers/consumers by developing strategies to connect and converse with their audience, through storytelling, multimedia messaging, artwork, and brand engagement. 

Once our Cannabis Marketing Agency website is fully developed, we will be ready to service the following markets:

Who is a Marketeer? 

Marketeer is classified as specialized marketing breed capable of engaging more with consumer or customer rather than using the ‘megaphone’ approach to reach the maximum target audience. 

A marketeer can also go about creating a brand with the help of mass media, building relationships with distributors and working out the logistics of making a product available in all targeted regions, accepted by law (in the case of Cannabis).

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